Types of Mountain Bike Equipment

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Mountain Bikes

mountain bicycle

Okay so you just bought a new mountain bike, or perhaps looking for a new one, and you love to know about the basic parts of a mountain bike. Glad you’re here as we’ve compiled a comprehensive list explaining every single piece that makes up the latest mountain bike. From frames to wheels, from pedals to brakes, and even from the best mountain bike hubs, you can find everything you need to know here. Here are the basic parts of the mountain bike, read on.

The frame – So, let’s start with the frame. This is undoubtedly the core/ foundation/skeleton of the bike. Frames are the backbone of your bike, the largest part linking all other parts together. What sets a bike apart is a good frame, so make sure you spend some money on it.

Mountain bike frames are typically available in two different materials. Aluminum (or an aluminum mix) and the carbon. Aluminum mix is the most affordable of the two. It is strong and light making it the most popular.


The two wheels don’t really need much explaining. We all know why they’re there. let’s take a closer look at the different parts of a mountain bike wheel.

Rubber tire

Comes in different sizes depending on the terrain you’d love to ride your bike.


Made up of two parts. The inner tire full of pressurized air. The much stronger and thicker outer tire has grooves that aid better grip.


The rim is an outer hoop of the wheel connected to the tire.


Spokes are connected to the rim with nipples, converging toward to hub. The hub is the center of the wheel. It is an important part of the wheel containing the ball bearings and the axle. So, it is highly advisable to always go for the best mountain bike hubs.

Cranks, Pedals and Bottom Bracket

The cranks and pedals, when pushed, spins the chain and the bike moves forward. The pedals are connected to the cranks, which are attached to the bottom bracket.

Gears and Chain

The gears and chain make up the most crucial parts of your bike. In fact, what separate top notch bikes from their average counterparts are a good sets of gears. A good mountain bike comprises of two sets of gears, one at the front, and the other at the rear wheel.


Mountain bike brakes are a very crucial part of the bike because of its help to stop the bike. Apart from that, they also help to control your bike, and regulate the speed. The two important types of brakes are the rim brakes and the disc brakes. Disc brakes is the best and they even perform well on muddy situations. Though they can be heavier than rim brakes.

Lance Armstrong vs. USPS: Lawsuit for The Most Sophisticated & Professionalized Doping Program in The Sport

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Amidst recent events, Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong faces charges for his sins during his cycling career set on November 6 this year. The Tour De France consists of 180 riders who undergo 20 stages of intensity and challenges. Lance Armstrong, who bore the title of champion for seven years, was stripped of his titles due to what was known as the most sophisticated doping in the sport. With testosterone patches, EPO, growth hormones, and blood transfusions, it was hardly detectable under any test, hence, the seven years of his famed career.

Over the years of constantly winning the Tour De France, Lance Armstrong earned a substantial amount of money in regard to USPS sponsorships. Lance Armstrong also led a charity program for cancer patients, including several books and the Livestrong wristband dedicated to cancer research. By this time, Lance Armstrong 2016 net worth had reached a total of $125 Million. The company, US Postal Service, which paid for Armstrong’s team throughout the years 2000-2004, has laid a civil fraud lawsuit against Armstrong for the $32.3 million sponsored by US Postal Service.

Lance Armstrong 2016 net worth of $125 million steadily reaches a decline after constant lawsuits filed against him. For the trial set on November, US Postal Service will sue Armstrong for a total of nearly $100 million, which is three times worth the money paid for the team. While Lance Armstrong is considered to be the leader of the most sophisticated doping program ever to be discovered in sports, Michele Ferrari played a major asset to this program. Interestingly, Armstrong had lab equipment designed for the purpose of testing hematocrit and blood levels with accurate measurements. This allowed Armstrong and his team to remain undetected for nearly a decade. It was only in 2013 that the confession surfaced which also led to his lifetime ban in the sport and was stripped of the seven titles of his victories during the Tour De France Competition. This not only made Armstrong look discredited, but also brought shame to the true sport of cycling.

Although doping is considered to be an unethical and illegal practice in any sport, the US Postal Service during Lance Armstrong’s reign had risen significantly with each year. This made them earn millions due to the value of the client’s winning titles and in return, boosted the market for the US Postal Service, which is presently considered a major courier service company that is recognized globally. However, the trial was decided to proceed since the Court mentioned how monetary benefits received by US Postal Service cannot balance the loss of value in sponsorship and brand value.

Lance Armstrong 2016 net worth of $125 million faces a suing case that just might turn the tide of Armstrong’s estimated worth over the years of his glorious & successful career. At such a hefty rate of sought monetary charges, the tone set for brand value and the possible negative implications it had caused on the company faces a challenge much harder than before. Perhaps not even seeking the return of monetary services & benefits paid for Armstrong’s team will be enough to generate a “clean” record on US Postal Service’s reputation. Not to mention, Lance Armstrong’s 2016 net worth of $125 million against a lawsuit of substantial amount, $100 million, poses a significant effect on Armstrong’s total assets. With the trial coming this November, Armstrong’s attorney, John Keker, requested for the trial to start early next year, but was rejected and responded by a final decision of setting the trial on November this year.